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The Errors of Modern Science and
the Human Mind
by Gene Zimmer

Any person seriously concerned about Man, his mind, and society needs to be aware of exactly how "science" views and deals with these things. "Science" is fundamentally a method of investigation. The term "science" or "scientific" is erroneously attached to many fields of "study" that have very little to do with an honest application of the "scientific method". The majority of the "social sciences" is a misnomer. Due to the nature of Man, his mind, and of all resulting social manifestations (i.e. groups of individual human beings), a "scientific" analysis of Man is quite impossible and useless.

The "scientific method" has been most successful with the hard physical sciences, such as physics, chemistry, electronics and engineering (applied physical science). In each of these the scientists observe phenomena, develop theories, construct test, conduct tests, observe test results, alter the theories as necessary, re-test, and continue this until they can achieve the same results consistently. The goal is complete, one-hundred percent repeatability and consistency. This enables exact predictability and complete control of results. Thus, bridges stay up, radios tune into stations day after day, rockets fire and move the payload up into space, and so on. Most of what we enjoy in modern life is the result of direct applications of science in the realm of physics, chemistry or electronics.

Calling something "science" or trying to apply the scientific method to situations where total consistency and predictability are not possible is ludicrous. This is the case with people and society, with the subjects of psychology, psychiatry, and sociology. Additionally, the goal of the application of the scientific method in the raw sciences is complete, total control of the environment and results. That is the nature of the application of the scientific method in the pure sciences (and engineering). The desired aim is control. The aim is total control.

This concept is unworkable for human beings. The notion of controlling the environment and human society to complete and total predictability can only degrade to totalitarianism. There is no sane, decent or empowering method possible for "social engineering". The idea is actually absurd. What is needed with people is empowering them with education, increasing mental ability, and expanding the powers of their individual intelligence.

You can put two people in the same exact environment and they will "react" or respond two different ways. The idea of establishing exact environments (i.e. experimental test conditions) and obtaining one-hundred percent consistent results with human beings from one to the next is ridiculous. It is a completely dumb notion. "Science" as traditionally applied to the physical universe is useless when applied to human beings and their societies in the same way, with the aim to total predictability and control. In fact, it's worse than useless, it's very harmful to Man and his societies. It's not only that it can't work, but results are produced that are worse than if they did nothing at all.

The goal of science as applied to the physical sciences is incompatible with human beings and his or her societies. "Science" per se cannot be successfully applied in any traditional way that empowers, helps or assists Man to rise to higher states and conditions of existence. "Science" can and has been applied to the physical environment to improve conditions benefiting Man's physical survival, but that is not at all the same as applying "science" to Man, his mind, and his societies. Few recognize this distinction. It is a very important and vital distinction. The mastery gained over the environment through the physical sciences has had numerous and amazing benefits for Mankind. The same thing cannot be said for the fields of psychology, psychiatry and sociology, which claim to be "scientific" and following in the "scientific tradition". It is impossible to apply the scientific method to people and societies and obtain positive results. Look around.

A few examples should suffice to show the inherent flaws of the current approach.

Example #1:

There is a book entitled The Three Faces of Eve. It is about a woman who had multiple personalities to the point where each was separate, markedly different, and unaware of what the others would think, decide, and do. At some point in the past psychiatrists and psychologists noticed this phenomena. Upon further investigation it was discovered that people with this condition, known as "Dissociative Identity Disorder" and earlier as "Multiple Personality Disorder", usually had traumatic early life experiences that acted to precipitate the condition. These were usually violent and often involved severe sexual abuse.

How does "science" handle this? "Science" wants to "learn" what "causes" it, what the various factors are, and how the various factors relate to each other and the overall condition. They want to quantify everything like all good scientists want to do. How do they do this? They are not content to study past cases. Reading stories of such cases and listening to personal anecdotes do not satisfy them. The only "scientific" way to do it is by setting up carefully planned experiments involving severe sexual abuse, violence, and personality shattering experiences, observing the "results" of these experiments, and re-testing based upon the observations of their previous testing. Of course this is grossly immoral and decadent by any standard of human decency, but these folks who demand such experiments in the "name of science" have never been known to possess the qualities of decency, compassion or morality. The same logic, moral justification and "scientific methodology" of a Dr. Mengele, Nazi medical experimenter, is alive today with these folks.

Science has been a success when applied to the physical realm of matter and energy. Combine two chemicals under a certain temperature and pressure and the resulting reaction is the same if conditions are kept consistent. Drop a rock with a certain mass in a vacuum and it accelerates and reaches the same terminal velocity every time. Science gains knowledge and control over matter and energy by establishing theories, conducting experiments, observing results, re-theorizing, conducting more experiments, until the results of the experiments can be duplicated consistently every time. This approach doesn't work with people and societies, although this hasn't stopped a tremendous number of deluded psychiatrists, psychologists and social scientists from trying. Even the term "social scientist" is downright absurd. It's an oxymoron. The two words cannot be put together in the same phrase and make any sense, at least not to a truly sensible person.

Continuing with our example of Eve, enter the CIA and other secretive government organizations. What purpose could a government intelligence agency have for a spy, agent or courier who could be numerous different personalities, all of which were quite unaware of what the others were thinking and doing, and all of whom could be controlled by intelligence agency superiors? To the demented minds of these types of people the creation of such wonderful spies and agents would be a dream-come-true. So naturally they (probably) spent much time and money attempting to understand the mechanics of multiple personalities and creating their "perfect spy". Their excuse was "national security". The psychiatrists excuse was "gaining knowledge" and "understanding" the "true functioning of Man". Both of their excuses are nothing more than intellectual justifications for moral decadence, an utter lack of compassion and extreme harm to their fellow human beings.

They couldn't do this out in the open, because taking two to six year old children, submitting them to torture, sexual abuse, and extreme violence is not something the majority of humanity considers acceptable. Realize they wanted to "understand" completely the mechanics of the creation of multiple personality disorder, and develop the ability to successfully apply their theories and methods with exact results. This is the "scientific method" applied to one phenomena of human life. They wanted to understand all the variables. They wanted to intentionally bring about multiple personalities, using all the means necessary, to obtain their "perfect spies". How did they do this? How are they probably now still doing this? They apply the methods of "science" to people, and experiment within the context of the subject (i.e. sexual abuse, torture, pain, degradation, etc.).

Realize they almost never experiment in the direction of helping, improving or empowering the individual, but instead almost always experiment to bring out the most horrific and degraded of possible human qualities. They do this for "pure science", "national security", "bringing about order" and other absurd abstract notions, which make total sense to them within the context of their deluded view of reality.

Obviously they must ensure there is absolutely no way they can be tied to what they are doing. They would need covers. They would need groups who already involve themselves in such activities. The following areas have probably been used as covers for such experiments:

CIA MK-Ultra mind control experiments conducted in Canada under the supervision of psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron.

Black Magic Cults - Cult Ritual Abuse

Prostitution rings

Snuff films/ S & M / child pornography business

Child kidnapping & the human slave trade

The CIA would have had to make contacts and associations with very unsavory folks to carry out their plans. They did and probably still do. It would all be very "hush-hush", denied completely and they would probably do whatever they had to do to maintain their appearance of innocence and non-involvement. The utter fantastic nature of it all is their primary protection. Who would believes anyone, much less members of our own government, could or would do such things.

Black magic cults were probably infiltrated or created, so that severe violence, sexual abuse and emotional trauma to young children could be enacted, controlled, manipulated, and results carefully observed and recorded. Total "scientific control" would be required. Naturally these areas would also act as "recruiting pools" for their future spy resources. Cult ritual abuse does exist, but it exists today much more than it ever would have otherwise without the activities of these "intelligence" agencies and psychiatrists.

See what is actually occurring here. The psychiatrists first create the conditions, using the pretense of "gaining knowledge", and then come along and pretend to understand it and supply solutions to the problems they largely created in the first place, but which they deny all association with, and instead blame on "natural" and "self-existing" "mental illness" and "psychological disorders". If they had simply stayed out of it from the start the situations wouldn't exist to the degree that they do today. The same is true for violence, crime, immorality, and lone-nut assassins, who each always had undergone psychiatric treatment before committing their crime most likely in association with some covert intelligence agency psychological programmer. They will never "solve" these things. It is their theories and practices that largely create these thing! If you believe otherwise you are as deluded as they are. If psychiatry and its influences could suddenly and magically be removed from every area of society, you would not believe the sudden change for the better in society and the improved individual "mental health" of people. But back to the psychological "scientists".

To "understand" they would have had to test and create the conditions. They would have had to initiate very exact and controlled situations. The "scientists" would have wanted to ascertain just how severe an emotional shock was necessary to cause "dissociation", how many severe shocks were needed to create a permanent separation of a distinct "personality", how many distinct personalities could be created, and what type abuse was necessary to keep the personalities operational, separate and distinct. What type shock does the creation of dissociated personalities require?

Forced intercourse with pain and bleeding, physical abuse, torture, mutilation, sleep deprivation, food deprivation, sensory deprivation, murder of pets and even loved ones in plain sight of a young child, torture and murder of "friends" in plain sight, degrading activities such as smearing feces and urine all over their bodies, defecating on them, urinating on them, extreme verbal abuse and attacks, and on and on. Multiple personalities don't come about because a little boy loses his favorite comic book or a little girl loses her favorite doll. It takes severe trauma of a continuing and brutal nature. This requires abuse capable of reducing a human being to a complete animal devoid of all sense, reason, hope, love, care or any positive human qualities. It requires a complete destruction of the person's mind, emotions, and sense of self. They also discovered that for the dissociation to be most effective the initial major shocks must occur under the age of six. They probably discovered this by repetitive, continual, and intense abuse of many innocent children. "When you've got to know, you've got to know . . .". Who am I to stop the forward progress of science? (extreme sarcasm)

But according to the CIA "intelligence" mentality, "we must protect our national security", and to the experimenting psychiatrists, "we must apply 100% objective science toward understanding the true nature of Man". Be sure of one thing, they submitted innocent children to horrendous treatments in their search and continuing actions to "understand the mechanics of MPD" and to maintain their "perfect" spies. They all deserve to be drawn and quartered in plain public view! No penalty would be too severe for what they have done, regardless of their "sensible" excuses and justifications of "science" and "national security". As far as I am concerned, any group that would condone such activities doesn't deserve to be protected or maintained.

The thing these type folks never seem to be capable of understanding is that Man can be so many different things. If Man is treated like a mindless animal he will tend to act like one. But if Man is treated like a thinking, capable, and responsible being, and given the tools to become such a being, he also tends to act this way. It isn't a matter of figuring out what man actually is, as the modern proponents of "science" claim to be doing, but more deciding what we want him to be. Because Man can be anything, from the very absolute worst to the most fantastic best. Modern psychiatry and psychology view Man as an animal, as a biological organism, as a beast to be controlled, and not as a mind. Viewing Man as an animal will send him further down in that direction. Viewing Man as a mind, with all that entails, will send him up to greater heights and possibilities, and in another direction entirely.

These "scientists" want to "know" and will do just about anything to "increase their knowledge". Apparently, various intelligence organizations have worked with and through various illegal activities and organizations to conduct their experiments and continue their covert spy operations, all the while working with "brilliant" psychiatrists and social "scientists". These psychiatric "professionals" hold degrees and professorships at the best colleges and universities. They are members and leaders of influential psychiatric associations and publications. But more to the point, these people are and always have been the worse type of criminals. They have absolutely no sense of humanity or decency, despite everything they pretend and assert. They are despicable examples of humanity pretending to be something else entirely. They are most certainly not decent, honest human beings, and they will deserve completely whatever ill fate finally befalls them.

The goal of the psychiatrists, psychologists and intelligence organizations is to CONTROL human behavior. They want to be able to control human behavior just as the physical scientist controls chemicals, electronics, or metals. They want 100% consistent results all of the time. They want people to behave as they feel they should. The thing they always lose sight of is that human beings are not simply chemicals, electrons or energy. You can't simply push on a human being a certain way and have him keep going in the same direction, like a rock or brick on a frictionless surface. People are not simply matter and energy. Human beings are entities of consciousness with thought, awareness, will, attention, purposes, goals, imagination, responsibility and creativity. Human beings don't simply do what they are told. They decide and then act. They learn through education, personal desire and intention. Trying to force human beings into a mold conforming to the same paradigm as that which understands the physical sciences is severely flawed and has disastrous consequences for people and society. People aren't rocks. People aren't electrons running through a wire in an electric circuit. Treating them as such goes nowhere. Actually that's not quite true; it's worse; treating them as such causes individual deterioration, personal disasters and widespread social failure.

The methods and goals of science as applied to the raw physical universe of matter and energy are incompatible and unworkable in the realm of Man, his mind, and his societies. One-hundred percent total control and predictability of atoms, chemicals, and electrons is useful and works. One-hundred percent total control and predictability of people and societies is not useful and doesn't work. In fact it's a degrading and idiotic idea. But that is the trend of modern psychology, psychiatry, and sociology. These fields are filled with many powerful people, with large salaries, and with lots of letters after their names (i.e. Ph.D.) who are basically fools. In too may cases they are nasty fools.

Example #2:

Another example is religion. Social psychologists, sociologists, and government types noticed at some point that certain people have committed really strange and despicable crimes due to their religious or intense personal beliefs. This is very true. People have done many strange things in the name of some religion. There was obviously some relationship between the religious structure, beliefs and resultant actions. But again, simply studying past cases and depending on anecdotal evidence wouldn't be enough for them.

Sociologists, psychologists and psychiatrists wanted to "understand" and "learn" how religion can be used to control people. "How can we use religion and beliefs to get people to do what we want?" "How far will they go in the name of a religion?" What are the variables involved? How do these variables interact and relate? There was never any intention to ascertain whether there is any validity to the subjects of various religions. There is much evidence that the Jonestown mass murder, called mass suicide in the media, involving Jim Jones and the People’s Temple was a CIA experiment in group mind control gone bad. Mass quantities of various psychiatric drugs were discovered at Jonestown after the event. Psychiatrists were involved. Apparently "scientists" wanted to ascertain what people could be made to believe, and more importantly, what they could be manipulated into doing in the "name of" some religious creed or idea. The wanted to "study" by direct experimentation under controlled conditions, using the scientific method, the relationship of belief, conviction, and worship to actions, to the point of committing murder and suicide. Who knows where else and in what other situations they have done similar things. Be sure though, they have done it. That is the nature of "science" when applied to people and societies. Test-test-test and forget about one's conscience, decency and morality.

Again, to "learn" they had to "experiment". Realize this experimentation along these lines can only be highly oppressive and degrading to the victims. It serves no honest or decent useful purpose. It is another example of a crime against humanity, but hidden again behind deluded notions of "science", "the country's best interests" and "gaining knowledge". The real sick thing is that it makes perfect sense to those perpetrating these horrendous abuses. They don't think they are doing anything wrong, and ironically, some of them feel they are the most "dedicated", "honest" and "patriotic" folks compared to the rest of us. They "sacrifice a few to benefit the many, because it's the nature of war . . .". They are severely deluded, and cause incredible harm to people and society.

Human history is primarily a comedy of errors. It is only one series of possibilities, stretched out over time and space, out of an infinite possible variety of alternatives. These "scientists" examine one small aspect of Man's history or culture, take it to be "the way things are", call the subject anthropology, and experiment along a similar path in an attempt to "understand" and "control". They never quite understand that what Man has been in the past too often has been largely due to oppression, ignorance (lack of education), deception (miseducation) and the abusive control of past kings, dictators, and Churches. Man has never been allowed to exist in an empowering environment that acknowledges and encourages all the good about him. That is equally true today. For "social science" to study and investigate these past instances of social circumstances with the idea of actually learning anything useful about human beings is absurd. It's dull people conducting equally dull studies. These people are largely morons despite all their complex studies and assertions.

They make another major error in theory and practice. The modern views of "social science'' too often include the notion that "societies" and "groups" are actual organisms or entities with a life and existence of their own. Some asinine theorists (i.e. Hegel, Karl Marx, and John Dewey) even assert that the "social entity" is MORE important and has more validity than the individuals! Therefore they try to envision and create various social structures to bring about new, "better", and alternate conditions. They talk about the "ills of society", "social decay", "the State", "social tension", and "social harmony" as if these were real things. There is no "social" organism. There is no "organic whole of all life". These are concepts, abstractions, and ideas that exist ONLY in someone's head. They have no real basis in observable fact outside of the ideas certain men hold about them. And placing these concepts in positions of importance senior to the life of individual human beings is ludicrous and always results in harm to various members of the civilization involved.

The only actual thing is a human being, a unique individual mind, a person. All else is pretty much conceptions and ideas in his and others' minds. Any society, group or civilization is ONLY the sum total of all the individual people comprising it. What makes any society, group or civilization what it is involves only the sum total of all the notions, ideas, beliefs, values, decisions, responsibility, self-determinism, goals, and actions of the individual people involved. If anyone seriously wants to make a better society, civilization or world, the only correct and successful approach is to first make better people. There is no other way to do it. Strangely, no one even considers this approach today. Possibly the idea is too "simple" for the overly complex intellectuals of today. They would rather spend endless energy and time fabricating complex laws, legislation and social mandates, in their perverted attempts to "coerce" or "enable" Man to "evolve" and behave "appropriately". These modern politicians, social theorists and group psychologists are dolts. They spend all their time trying to come up with the "ideal social system", while continually ignoring the only thing that will ever bring about any real lasting improvement, the betterment and empowerment of the minds of individual men and women.

And that they don't deal with at all.

Example #3:

Another example is electric shock treatments.

The story of electric shock began in 1938, when Italian psychiatrist Ugo Cerletti visited a Rome slaughterhouse to see what could be learned from the method that was employed to butcher hogs. In Cerletti's own words, "As soon as the hogs were clamped by the [electric] tongs, they fell unconscious, stiffened, then after a few seconds they were shaken by convulsions.... During this period of unconsciousness (epileptic coma), the butcher stabbed and bled the animals without difficulty....

"At this point I felt we could venture to experiment on man, and I instructed my assistants to be on the alert for the selection of a suitable subject."

Cerletti's first victim was provided by the local police - a man described by Cerletti as "lucid and well-oriented." After surviving the first blast without losing consciousness, the victim overheard Cerletti discussing a second application with a higher voltage. He begged Cerletti, "Non una seconda! Mortifierel" ("Not another one! It will kill me!")

Ignoring the objections of his assistants, Cerletti increased the voltage and duration and fired again. With the "successful" electrically induced convulsion of his victim, Ugo Cerletti brought about the application of hog-slaughtering skills to humans, creating one of the most brutal techniques of psychiatry.

At no point had anyone ever observed a human being benefiting, improving, becoming happier, or expanding in responsibility from an electric shock. What depraved stream of logic determines that submitting a human being to a hog-slaughtering technique is "therapeutic" or "helpful"? But this is natural and business as usual for psychiatrists. This is another example of "scientists" experimenting on human beings in an attempt to "learn" something, and to control. There has never been any basis in "science" for electric shock treatments. Yes, sure it changes people, but smashing them in the head with a baseball bat would also change them. Sticking bamboo shoots under their fingernails would surely change them. Psychiatrists and scientists have come up with many theories to "explain" how ECT "helps cure mental illness", but these are nothing more than fairy tales. And while reading a Grimm fairy tale hurts nobody, the modern fairy tales of the psychiatrists and psychologists are not so innocuous. Electric shock and other psychiatric methods cause severe harm while parading as "modern science", "cures" and "therapy".

Human beings respond and react to force, whether that force be physical, chemical or electrical. Never is the application of any force helpful or empowering to the individual. Modern "science" is rooted in applying force or energy of some sort to some situation to bring about a change or new condition. This is fine and desirable in the pure physical sciences. Modern medicine, electronics, and various fields of engineering have made great strides in improving the physical condition of mankind. But force doesn't produce any decent or desirable results when applied to human beings. The result is always confusion, degradation, loss of personal responsibility, and chaos. What works with people is appealing to understanding, communication, and interacting with the functions of the mind of the person. The approach of the modern psychiatrist, psychologist and social scientist is to apply the same notions of the physical sciences to the realm of Man, his mind and society. It doesn't "work". It will never "work". The only result will always be harm, failure, deterioration and the collapse of individuals and society. Take a look around . What Man lacks more than anything is an understanding and science of his own mind.

The successful "science" of physical matter and energy involves applying differing types of forces to bring about new conditions in controlled situations. It works in the realm of physical matter and energy. It does not work in the realm of human beings, human minds, and societies. The application of force to individual minds and societies has no possible positive rendition. Freedom, responsibility, self-determinism, morality and decency are incompatible with force, and therefore with any attempt at a scientific "solution" to Man and his societies. It simply can't and won't ever get anywhere decent or desirable for the people as a whole. Communism was an attempt at a "scientific" study and application to human beings and society. It depended almost completely on force, and obviously failed miserably, as it only could. Force, and therefore "science", is unworkable with people.

For "science" to work with human beings and societies, it must drastically alter its approach. There is nothing wrong with "science". In fact it is wonderful if used correctly. There is everything wrong with the manner in which purported "science" currently views and attempts to deal with human beings. The "scientific method" is extremely useful, but that isn't what is used in the subjects of psychology, psychiatry and the "social sciences". These fields have attached themselves to the concept of "science" in an attempt to gain legitimacy while actually promoting bias, opinion, and false notions about Man and his mind under a facade of "research" and "objective science". First, Man's mind is NOT matter or energy, it doesn't function as if it is made of matter or energy, and cannot be "solved" by treating it as such. All attempts to do so will result in ultra-controlled, totalitarian systems with the individual oppressed. Second, the "mind" of Man and all it is must be recognized as the primary aspect of value and importance with Man and his societies.

"Science" has never examined, with an aim to "solve" and "improve", the mind of Man. What is it? How does it work? What are its functions? What are its problems? How can it be bettered? It has been investigated, when considered at all, primarily from a viewpoint of how to control it. But modern psychiatry and psychology have largely abandoned all notions of a mind and instead concentrate on biochemistry, behavior, environmental factors (i.e. stimulus-response), and genetics. This will lead nowhere.

Man is primarily a mind. A mind is aware, experiences, thinks, chooses, determines, imagines, conceives, considers, believes, conceptualizes, places attention, intends, sets goals, exerts discipline, adheres to accepted codes of conduct (morality) and can act responsibly according to self-determined decisions and agreements. THESE things need to be seriously acknowledged, investigated, studied, tested, and understood with an aim towards empowering the individual. The scientific method could be applied to these aspects of the human mind but never has been. There is no extant subject dealing with these things anywhere within the traditional confines of modern education and thought. The aim of control would be one of "self-control", the control of one's own mind in all its aspects.

One problem here is that for all practical purposes the mind and all its functions and contents are invisible. A thought can't be measured. An emotion can't be placed in a test tube. Imagination can't be weighed. A goal can't be quantified. A human intention can't be objectively viewed and examined with statistical analysis. Feelings of love, hate, anger or enthusiasm cannot be detected outside of the behaviors associated with them. It's also difficult to know whether people undergoing "mental" experiments are doing what they say they are doing with their minds. This has been a real major stumbling block for the modern "scientist" familiar only with dealing with visible, tangible and physical things. The "things" of the mind are not visible or detectable in the same way as any other object of observation in the entire physical universe. Simply, the mind is of an entirely different nature and adheres to different laws. Anyone honestly observing their own mind will come to this same conclusion, and nobody else can ever do this for you. You are the only one who experiences your mind as your mind in the way you experience it. You know your thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopes, and goals are real, yet these are completely invisible to everyone else, and vice versa. "Objective" science is impossible when dealing with a mind because it can't be observed as it is by anyone except the person whose mind it is. This doesn't make scientific examination impossible, but it does necessitate a different approach to addressing the subject. The scientific approach used in the physical sciences can't be easily transferred to the realm of the mind where everything about it is invisible to objective detection.

Early psychologists from Germany in the late 1800s, Wilhelm Wundt and his followers, decided, "since the human mind and inner states cannot be observed or measured directly, we will ignore them, not deal with them at all and only concern ourselves with behavior". And so it has been ever since. It's not that the mind doesn't exist, each of us knows it does from our own direct personal experience, but the entire approach of "modern science" with this subject has ignored and denied the mind as a factor of importance and object of study. Considering that every decent, great or noble thing originated as an idea in the mind of some man or woman should make it fairly obvious that discarding the mind of Man as part of the basic underlying philosophical bent of various modern "social sciences" cannot ever have positive results.

There needs to be an honest scientific examination of the mind of Man with an aim towards understanding, solving and improving it in all its aspects. But it must be dealt with on its own level, within its own context, and addressing its own functions. Trying to understand it and what it does from a framework of physical matter and energy is useless. As an example take the conservation of energy theory. This states that no matter or energy can be created newly, but only its form can be altered. This is not true at all in the realm of mind. Man's imagination is constantly creating newly out of nothing. Symphonies, plays, books, inventions, and so on. The functions of Man's mind are radically different than anything else observable "out there" in the material universe.

What is attention? How can it be strengthened, concentrated, directed, intensified, or reduced at will? What drills are necessary to assist a person to become aware of and control their own attention? What is the nature of concentration? Can it be improved? How so? What exercises or drills lead to bettered concentration? What is imagination? What different types of imagination are there? Can it be improved? How? What are goals? How do they relate to reality, intention and determination? Can intention and determination be increased? How much? How so? This list of questions can easily get quite long. The mind is a completely unexamined and uncharted area requiring extensive investigation. The only way to effectively improve qualities of a mind is with "mental" techniques. Such techniques are strangely missing in the current fields related to the mind.

Many supposed "mental illnesses" such as depression, anxiety and compulsions are nothing more than a severe inability of the person to control and direct their own attention. This is not said to minimize the seriousness of the condition to the person who "suffers" from these things or to suggest they aren't real. They are real, but they don't exist as "illnesses" or "diseases". They are conditions, but are not adequately addressed and handled by a medical or biological approach. They are definitely NOT "physical illnesses". If a person truly learned how and was able to control where they allowed their own attention to fall, whether on external things and situations, or upon internal ideas, feelings or sensations, the power of these supposed "mental illnesses" would greatly decrease.

The only real "mental illness" in the world today is modern Man's almost complete lack of any understanding about his own mind, how to deal with it, and how to learn to gain control over it and everything it is capable of doing for and to him. Ultimately it is a matter of control, but of self-control, over that immense universe of thought we each possess, seemingly, though not necessarily, a few inches behind our foreheads. The modern approaches of psychiatry and psychology don't assume self-control is possible, because they don't even consider your mind exists. To many of them the mind is nothing but an accidental by-product of chemical reactions in a brain, and an annoying by-product at that. It seems they would be happiest if it didn't exist at all, and many of them are trying to bring such a view about.

The mind exists. It is invisible. It does things that no matter or energy anywhere in the entire universe does. It’s aware, it conceptualizes, it sets goals, it establishes values, it chooses, it intends, it appreciates, it admires, and it initiates action (to mention only a few). No example of matter or energy located anywhere in space or time, which is the subject of the physical sciences, does what a mind does. Someday some of these brilliant "scientists" may finally notice this and change their approach to the subject. A mind and all it does is not similar in nature to any of the objects of physical reality that a mind perceives and is aware of. So why treat it as if it is similar? This is simply a huge error of viewpoint on the subject. It is a basic assumption taken by the majority of people, which is just plain incorrect.

Also, the purpose of such a scientific investigation cannot be to manipulate, control, force or dictate belief, thought, ideas or actions against the will of the person. People need to be educated into the discoveries of a scientific examination of the mind, and each individual placed in control of their own mind with tools to understand and improve their own mind. Too often others decide what the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors should be. This must stop or this civilization will continue to decline and fail.

The current "scientific" approach to Man and his mind is wrong, 180 degrees wrong in the opposite direction of what could and would help individual people and also thereby, their societies, which are nothing more than groups of individual people. There will never be success viewing and treating Man as only so much matter, energy, chemicals, atoms and electrical reactions.

This is why psychiatry can only fail. It views and treats Man as matter and energy, and their only "solution" is force, because force is the only "solution" in the realm of matter and energy. You can't get a rock to move by appealing to its "understanding". It moves only by brute force. You can get a person to move by appealing to "understanding". "Understanding" is one of these "mind qualities". People aren't rocks, shouldn't be treated as such, but this is functionally the view and approach taken by psychiatry, which does depend completely upon force. Physical force by involuntary commitment, restraints, deprogramming techniques, lobotomy, and straight jackets. Electrical force by electric shock treatments. Chemical force by powerful, brain-altering and mind-altering psychotropic drugs.

At no point does the "modern scientific" approach consider, acknowledge, address or better any human mind on the level of and within the context of the functions of a human mind. In fact, modern psychiatry flat-out denies the existence of a "mind". This basic philosophical error of psychiatry in understanding and "treating" Man, the denial of the human mind, makes any attempts to improve Man doomed to fail within the context of their grossly flawed theories and methods.

Of course, psychiatry's goal has never been to "help", empower or bring about increased happiness, success, self-determinism or responsibility in any individual human being. Their goal has always only been about controlling behavior, behavior that others find objectionable or inconvenient. This explains why governments and intelligence agencies have worked with and funded psychiatry and modern psychology for so many years. Their goal is often also control of the thoughts, beliefs and actions of the people. Sadly, this is as true for American "democracy" as it is for any totalitarian regime such as communist China or a South American dictatorship. The common denominator of them all is control, and psychiatry and modern psychology supply them with important "tools" to achieve their aims. If the theories and methods of modern psychology and psychiatry led to individual personal expansion, happiness, mental stability, certainty, knowledge, freedom, responsibility, awareness and self-determined moral action, then no totalitarian government would ever have supported them.

But then psychiatry and modern psychology don't lead to these things and governments do very much support them.

Refuse to support them. Withdraw your help and assistance from any of them in these fields. Don't refer anyone you care about to them.

Simply . . .

Say NO To Psychiatry!

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